History of the Belgian Group for Primatology

           Founded in 1992, the Belgian Group for Primatology (BGP) brings together primatologists from all Belgian Universities and Institutions to exchange research experiences. There is a growing number of interested members which develop the BGP into a valuable scientific community.

1993 the BGP becomes a member of the European Federation for Primatology *

Since October 1999 the Belgian Group for Primatology offers a Newsletter 'Primate Tidings' with 2 issues a year.

         In December 1999 the National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS) approved the foundation of our contact group 'Primatology'. The contact group aims to co-ordinate actions related to non-human primates systematic, palaeontology, ethology, cognition, biodiversity, conservation of primates and their habitat, and to promote the circulation of information between Belgian specialists regarding these topics during periodically organised lectures by scientists from Belgium or from abroad. 

The BGP organizes joint meetings with the FNRS contact group ‘Primatology’. The access is free and open to everyone interested in primatology. 

It gives the opportunity to Bach/Master/PhD/Postdoc students and researchers to present their ongoing work and develop their perspectives.

In spring it is either focused on eminent invited speakers or it is devoted to a workshop gathering different research teams together to highlight one specific topic.

In autumn there is one or more invited speakers of international renown giving a plenary lecture. 


             The BGP aims at seizing opportunities to establish international contacts 

  • by participating actively to congresses 
  • by co-organizing  congresses in Belgium i.e. of the Société Francophone de Primatologie (SFDP2003 Brussels, SFDP2009 Liège) and of the European Federation for Primatology  (EFP2013 Antwerp). 
  • by stimulating the request of grants and prices i.e. at the Société Francophone de Primatologie (SFDP). Belgian candidates make a fair chance to obtain a grant or price. 
  • by having students studying non-human primates in situ or ex situ
  • by exchanging students (Erasmus project)


      Anyone interested in the future activities of the BGP is welcome and can either subscribe to the mailing list and /or become a BGP member and receive at his postal address our newsletter 2 times / year.You only have to send a mail at the BGP.


 * Founded in 1993 the European Federation for Primatology (EFP) brings together National Primatological societies as well as National groups of Primatologists in those countries of Europe where societies could not yet be set up. 

The founders are Bertrand Deputte (France, 1st President), Régine Vercauteren Drubbel (Belgium, 1st General Secretary). Currently 9 European countries are affiliated to the EFP: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom